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evolutionVII2023-11-11 19:13:45
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Maybe she was a positive collector years ago.

It happened that here on this forum, in the buying topic, I wrote a message to the said "collector's" post that I have the series he is looking for in good condition and if he finds them good based on the photos, I am willing to sell them to him.

Maybe the "collector" who created the post is a scammer because she pulled the handbrake before the agreement expired and refuses to respond to repeated correspondence.

The short story is that I sent the pictures of the chews I wanted to buy here to the creator of the post and after his intention to buy, I asked what I could ask for them (what value).
At his offer, I also made an offer for all three series, after which the "sir" refused to communicate with me.

I'm asking.
In such a case, if the buyer's intentions are serious, don't you try to reach an agreement? Maybe you can say that you're sticking to the price he's quoted?