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fenerbahCHE2019-05-05 11:07:41

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A few days ago i run into a certain behaviour by an auction.ru seller called neon16 that i wanted to be known and see what you think.

From the auction i bought a very simple, nothing important type old gum item from neon16. When i wrote that maybe we can wait couple days before payment the response i got was “ read the description, no sending abroad, good-bye”

This is very normal. Many sellers mention this and dont want to send abroad. Sometimes english is a problem, sometimes maybe its hard to know the postage etc.

My response was “i will have a Russian friend pay you and also you will send to a Russian address” The response was “I dont understand, good-bye” This is very simple google translate content so i suspect it was just a negative answer. I explained in a little longer sentences and made clear that there is no dealing with “abroad”. The response was “ the bidder and the payer cannot be different, good-bye”.
Well that was a first for me.

This is when after this last “good-bye” when i started smelling (ok lets not say racism as its a bit heavy) - discrimination.

As many know i am active here for many years and i met many good sellers/ buyers or just for communication in Russia. I am never cheated , everybody was polite and at least with some of the people i am in touch i feel i have good friends. So this behaviour was very surprising. Of course nobody is obligated to be nice to me but i just wanted to ask anybody who is reading their opinion. Auction.ru is a public site open to anybody as we all know.

After the meeting the criteria, in other words if no more "abroad" there , if its still “i dont want you, good-bye” just with knowing your name and where you are, this has a different name.

Note 1 : Like i said what i bought was a very simple carton box, that i already have 3-4 in my collection. In other words i am not upset because i cant get what i bought. Its rather the behaviour.

Note 2: I am saying Russia for argument’s sake. The seller can be from Ukraine or other.

Note 3: As a former Journalist, my habits remind me anything in public needs to be known by the interested , so earlier i have informed neon16 that i will write sth. like this in wrappers.ru

Thanks for reading.
Herof12019-05-05 14:54:01

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Очень много иностранных букв.
По-русски можете написать?
ssssss19812019-05-05 15:12:39

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Не блогодари).
 denis2019-05-05 16:03:32

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Unfortunately, this is possible. Do not send a lot abroad is the right of the seller.
I'll tell you more - there are Russian sellers who do not send lots on the territory of Russia, only in the city (Moscow) or a personal meeting.
I think you should not be upset about this and simply consider this case for the future.

I am sure that there are those who will help you with the purchase of interesting lots for you in Russia and act as a mediator.
And the seller of such niceties do not necessarily to know)) But for me it is strange that people see a difference where to send))

Herof12019-05-05 17:43:27

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Написано было создателю темы.
И “I dont understand... ” его текста. "Гудбай"
Вполне нормальный краткий и вежливый, между прочим, ответ,
(А так я давным давно писал LemOnti, но увы...)
А тут аж дискриминация. Офигеть...

Иностранцам (страны СССР не в счёт), тоже крайне редко отправляю.
В основном, проверенным людям с данного форума.

Если вопрос только в этом, то это ПОЛНОЕ право продавца,
и на всех аукционах разделяется вид отправки.

И тогда тема не соответствует разделу.

Ставлю вопрос перемещения данной темы в другой, более подходящий для этого раздел.

(Сам, например,
много чего не купил из других вещей только потому, что продавцы не отправляли лоты в Россию,
но это их право...).
fenerbahCHE2019-05-05 18:24:55

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thanks for the comments denis and herof1.

is there a little misunderstanding?

I am not disputing the choice of not sending abroad. If a seller wants to sell only in his/her country, city, neighborhood, his basement ... thats his/her choice. There is no problem there.

The problem starts after removing this"abroad" situation. Once you say the payment and sending will be all in the country that the seller indicates, if its still a rude "no, good-bye" comment, i suspect there sth. else there.

Unfortunately i suspect thats about one's identity, not about "abroad" anymore.

guru 2019-05-06 08:01:18

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Ali good afternoon.

So I had the same situation. I bought lots from neon16, he immediately told me that he did not send abroad.
I thought it was due to the fact that I was from Ukraine. I offered him an alternative,
my friend from Russia is ready to receive a letter, but he said no, it is not possible and again put up lots that I bought, and I also said that the money would be transferred within his country,
the answer was the same, and he blocked my account.
In the end, I threw the links to my friend, he bought the lots I needed, and sent them to me.
So calm down, it's not about your personality, but about the reluctance of the seller.

sorry for my bad English
akal2019-05-06 13:57:47

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Such an interesting topic, I should say )))

For the situation described, I agree with Denis - there is no need to worry about it, people are different, for many of them even using another language is a big problem and "algoritm failure" in the Auction deal. It can be that after the first letter you had a kind of "black mark" and your second / third letters haven`t even been read. Or, maybe, the person you talk about has the prejudice against Turkish ))) or foregneirs at all. We don`t know, we may only guess. And guessing is just a guessing, in the end...
On the other hand... we may check it from the Auction rules. In several of his auctions (I spent some minutes to check some, not all, of course) there is no direct forbiddance for sending abroad. No in English but neither in Russian language. On the other hand....postage costs marked only for "country" postage, which may indicate that he doesn`t sell abroad, by any reason - that`s his choice and his right. In this situation, basing on my experience, I prefer to ask before placing a bid. Just in case )))

But as I see, the question is not about the rules, but about behaviour. And again, nobody can judge except both of you. So, maybe all international customers should rather ask about sending abroad before placing a bid. And all s ellers should indicate clearly if they don`t want to send abroad OR even communicate in other languages... In this case, I think everybody would be happy. The question is...that this is the ideal situation and it will never happen in practice....so misunderstandings like this will always happen.
So, take it easy, from both sides. It`s just a misunderstanding. Well, I hope )))
fenerbahCHE2019-05-06 19:07:20

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thanks for the nice comments guru and akal.

guru i am quite calm actually..:-)) and in my opinion your english is very good, of course i am no judge, second language for me also.

I think here guru and akal (2nd part of the message) has understood the situation well.

I would like to say once more if a seller wants not to send abroad i think you cant really argue about that. Maybe I would do the same if i was a seller. But maybe i would say Russia only, not Turkey, as maybe i dont want to sell to Turks. (Many cheaters in Turkey, not seen in Russia yet like i said)..
well half joking half true...

yes guru surely i can have a friend just get whatever i want for me. What i got was a 1$ nothing item really. I hope the messages you got from neon16 were less rude than mine.

Turkey can be "abroad" , but i cant believe Ukraine being "abroad". Cannot be very very "abroad"..!

ALFenko2019-05-23 19:14:37

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А как ник этого арийца на форуме?
Мне кажется, что он насмотрелся политики и обиделся на весь остальной мир!

Я у него заметил несколько лотов, но в начале написал, отправит ли он на российский адрес, а он меня просто в игнор закинул!
Пометка о блоке - 2022-09-22 22:26:56: Кремлебот